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This Meme is Brought to You by Me and Me

My geocaching blog pal Saintseester started another meme in the vein of one I've already done here. This one casts the movie soundtrack of your life. Basically, you take your Ipod (or your Winamp and 53 gigs of music in my case) and "cast" your soundtrack by hitting shuffle. I had a lot of fun with the other one I did, so let's give it a try.

Waking Up: Jimi Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner"
Yeah! Me and George Carlin in Cars, baby!

First Day of School: The Beach Boys "Rock & Roll Music"
Hmmm... Considering my obsession with rock music (did I mention 53 gigs of mp3?) started when an older kid on the school bus my kindergarten year played a tape of Kiss' "Destroyer" for me, I guess this fits.

Falling in Love: Grim Fandango OST "Mr. Frustration Man"
Boy, does that one hit it straight on the head...

Fight Song: The Eagles "Take it Easy"
So my fight song is about being more laid back? Figures... Give peace a chance, man! *flashes peace sign*

Breaking Up: The Trailer Park Troubadours "Trailer on the Bayou"

Ok, this one doesn't make much sense...

Prom: Weird Al Yankovic "Phony Calls"
Unfortunately, these were pretty much the only calls I got from women around prom time. *sniff*

Life: Tuck & Patti "Forgiveness"
Done a lot of asking for it, quite of bit of giving it, a whole truckload of needing it, and probably not a lot of deserving it, so I guess this fits.

Mental Breakdown: Meatloaf "Objects in the Rear View Mirror"
Damn. That's a depressing song. No wonder I had a breakdown...

Driving: REO Speedwagon "Here with Me"
If this song were playing while I was driving, I'd fall asleep and die...

Flashback: Robert Earl Keen "The Front Porch Song"
Considering how much time my cousin and I spent playing out on our Uncle Orville's porch, this makes for a pretty good flashback.

Wedding: Vangelis "Damask Rose"
Kind of a downer for an instrumental... I think my wife would not be amused if I played this at our wedding

Birth of Child: Moxy Fruvous "Johnny Saucepan"
Apparently my kid will become the chef that I always wanted to be...

Final Battle: Sly and the Family Stone "Sing a Simple Song"
Hell yeah! If I'm going into battle, I'ma bring Da FUNK with me!

Death Scene: Page & Plant "Four Sticks"
"oh, baby, it's crying time..." At least Robert Plant will...

Funeral Song: Alice Cooper "Desperado"
"I'm a picture of ugly stories. I'm a killer and I'm a clown" Works for me...

End Credit: Webb Wilder "Human Cannonball"
"When I go, least I'll know, I'll go with a bang!" You can't end up much better than that.

Tag Kate, Kelly, Linda, and any other unfortunate who reads this thing. You're it...


Blogger Kate said...

Waking up: Am I the only one by the Dixie Chicks- as in am I the only one still in bed at this hour?

First Day of School- Uncloudy Day by Willie Nelson. If I could remember that far back...

Falling in love: At the zoo by Simon and Garfunkel...have you MET Dave's mother? Koo koo ka choo!

Fight song: Rockaria by ELO. Oh, how my shuffle is dating me.

Breaking up: Desperado by Glenn Frey.

Prom: Doctor my eyes by Jackson Brown. I don't know, I had a really great time at my prom- one of the most romantic nights of my life. Should have been something more lovey-dovey.

Life: I'll fly away by Alison Krause and Gillian Welch. LOVE that song!

Mental (or in my case, emotional) breakdown: Forest Dance #1 from Passion Play by Jethro Tull. If my life had a soundtrack, Tull would figure heavily in it.

Driving: Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys- only applicable when driving my cats to the vet.

Flashback: After the thrill is gone by the Eagles.

Wedding: I melt with you by Modern English. Well, we were married in August and it was hot...

Birth of child: Should have been This Woman's Work by Kate Bush but somehow came up Honky Tonk Women by the Stones. Though being stoned while giving birth couldn't hurt.

Final Battle: Meet me half way by Bonnie Raitt. Sounds more like a truce than a battle.

Death Scene: State of Grace by Seal. Damn! That is spooky!

Funeral song: Grace by Jethro Tull. Like I said, if my life had a soundtrack...

End credits: Daughters by John Mayer.

Fun challenge, Griff. Here are a couple more categories for you:

Living with In-laws: WOW! Is THIS weird or what? It's a hard life by Queen... which reminds me; rumor has it Johnny Depp will play Freddie Mercury. How perfect would that be? I miss Freddie.

Children: Get in line by the Barenaked ladies. Hmm... the barenaked part sure fits baby Emily, who must have been a nudist in a previous life.

Marriage: Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac. Okay, I am done now, this is freaking me out.

1:38 AM  
Blogger Linda / Chri said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Linda / Chri said...

LOL! Those are great. I'll have to update my iPod before I do it. None of my old favorites are on it right now... mostly class podcasts.

The front porch one nails the flashback, and I am so glad that your wife will now be in charge of your funeral! (I will offer her support but get to remain family...actually, not sure that is so important. - kidding, I think... yeah, kidding.)

6:35 AM  
Blogger Linda / Chri said...

Hey, wait... did you just speak of "my child?" Has your wife read this blog?

6:39 AM  

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